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This website discusses the many different problems that affect the world today. One of the issues it deals with in depth is free trade and its impact on the global economy. It breaks the subject of ‘free trade’ down into multiple categories, such as “Criticisms of Current Forms of Free Trade”, “The WTO and Free Trade”, and the most interesting one to me, “The Mainstream Media and Free Trade”. In this section, the controversial topic of free trade is depicted with negative criticism because of the . The author of the page, Anup Shah, feels that the media favors larger corporations and therefore is hiding the disadvantages of free trade. This site is very useful because it has a lot of comprehensive information on the different aspects of free trade. Although the site has not been updated since July 2002, almost all of the information is still applicable to the current issues.

This site deals with globalization and free trade. The Center for Trade Policy Studies shows the most frequently asked questions regarding free trade and the world. These questions range from “does free trade lead to a “race to the bottom” in workers’ rights in less-developed countries?” to “does globalization give companies/countries an incentive to abuse the environment?” Each question is answered by scholars that are educated on the topic of free trade. In addition to an answer, related links are provided so that those who view the page can do further research. The site does seem a little biased, however, because each question asked undermines the efficiency of free trade. Still, the website is easy to navigate and is great for those who are interested in learning more about free trade.

This site, sponsored by Public Citizen, a non-profit organization, is essentially against free trade agreements. The web page’s slogan reads as “Promoting democracy by challenging corporate globalization”. The organization is divided into six different divisions that are aimed fights for the rights of the people. In its category of Global Trade Watch, globalization is challenged claiming that free trade is not democratic. It goes into more detail by discussing the WTO, FTAA, NAFTA, and CAFTA. The site claims that the free trade organizations have in fact “functioned principally to pry open markets for the benefit of transnational corporations at the expense of national and local economies; workers, farmers, indigenous peoples, women and other social groups; health and safety; the environment; and animal welfare”. Mainly, the organization attacks the effectiveness and legitimacy of free trade and globalization. The site is extremely biased, but is useful for those who are looking for information against free trade.

This website is filled with many different links to articles dealing with trade and globalization. It mainly is centered on the controversial issues that are plaguing those who criticize free trade; for instance, the gap between developed and developing countries, subsidies and tariffs, and the influence of the World Trade Organization on the global economy. This site is very informative and also provides information on the history of globalization and what it is. There are multiple links that are given so that one can research more about free trade. The various articles that are presented all are relevant to trade in countries throughout the world. I would recommend this site to those who are looking for articles and information concerning trade in different countries.

This site illustrates many different aspects of trade. It discusses topics like globalization, the divergence of the rich and the poor throughout the world, and the benefits or free trade. The site is sponsored by the National Center for Policy Analysis, a nonprofit organization established in 1983, and seems like a reputable website. There are multiple links on this page that lead to fact sheets, news articles, and ideas on trade. It is easy to navigate although there are many links on the different pages. I would recommend this website to those who need to a better understanding on the diverse features of trade.
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