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Database of websites

Here is a collection of websites that are informative and deal with the topics we have been studying in class.

This website belongs to the United States International Trade Commission, which is a federal organization that provides information about different aspects of trade and monitors various areas of it. It has investigations on anti dumping as well as international safeguards and policies, while also containing a section for industry and economic analysis. The site also has a “Tariff Information Center” which contains information about them and their purposes pertaining to free trade. The site contains up to date U.S. import and export data, as well as an Electronic Data Information System. The site is updated often, as is evident by the numerous news releases already this month on the home page. It is easy to navigate and finding specific information is easy. It contains valuable information on trade policies and is useful for students.

This site pertains to the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, or IATP. The IATP is an organization that analyzes how trade agreements and policies affect agriculture areas such as domestic farms. They promote human rights, the environment, health standards, and are in favor of using alternative fuels. They have many different reports and publications dealing with how trade affects agriculture in numerous ways. The website has set up programs in order to save the environment from destruction that could come from free trade agreements. The site is laid out very nicely and is easy to navigate. It contains publications about the aims of the organization and other articles about why there cause is important. This site is useful for anyone who wants to study the effect of free trade on the environment.

This website entitled “The Trade Observatory” is a website with information and various areas of international trade. It has a well-designed layout with articles and news releases on the home page on different developments in trade policies and actions. It also has headlines that show up on the home page and change every few seconds. It has a lot of different publications about issues concerning the WTO and what is being done to address them. It is updated often with new articles about many different trade topics and is updated consistently. This site is useful for finding information about trade on a wide range of topics. It also has a section dealing with the environment, and many of its articles express how they feel about free trade and how if affects our surroundings.

This site is concerned with a “global trade watch” and challenges corporate globalization in our world. The present different models for trade to work for all people and work in areas such as health, safety, economics, and justice. They have information about various different free trade agreements and contain valuable information on them. It tells about the pros and cons of the agreement and the current situation and development of it. It has an interesting picture on the homepage, which is a picture of the world and a boat in the ocean. On the boat it says “WTO: Shrink or Sink.” This clearly shows their distaste for globalization and state, “the world is not for sale.” This site is useful for students who want to see a different perspective on trade; one that is anti-globalization.

This website has an array of information under the broad topic of global issues. In the free trade area, it contains information about globalization and the effects of it on our world. It contains many different sections on the WTO and there role in world trade. This is more of a reference site than the other ones, as it is not a site put out by a specific organization. Instead, it contains information about different topics of free trade and the effects it has on globalization of the world. This is a good site for a student to get a good background on certain trade policies and theories. The layout is simplistic, but again that is due to it being more of a reference site rather than one that has updated publications, etc.
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