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This website, coming from an organization whose mission is to conquer poverty (OXFAM), contains good reliable information. First, the website offers an explanation on what free trade is and then it addresses a serious problem with what free trade causes. The links are easily understandable and very easy to navigate through although some words can be confusing because it is a British site. This website would have been a good site to use for the affirmative part of our FTAA debate as it pointed out a problem with free trade and how developing nations could prevent it the bad side effect mentioned. I highly recommend this site to be used by anyone researching and or doing a project on free trade as it provides pictures in addition to the reliable information.


The following website comes from the Center for Trade Policy Studies (CTPS) whose mission is to help people understand the benefits of free trade. This specific link goes to the frequently asked questions about free trade which are answered with sort but straight forward answers. The answers are quite reliable as they come from CTPS scholars. In addition to the answer, links to articles from www.freetrade.org are provided to answer further questions on the same topic. If you can’t find your question, you can always submit a question to the scholars who will respond by posting the question, with the answer, on the website. This site is great for students that have unanswered questions on free trade as well as providing information on the benefits of free trade.


This website provides information on free trade as well as poverty. In addition to the elaborate information on free trade, WTO, this website provides quotes on global trade and criticism on free trade. The criticism points out certain negatives with free trade. Despite the elaborate information, at times it can get very confusing with complicating information which needs more in depth research on other websites. Overall, the information on the website is precise and would more useful to more advanced or experienced students. The links on the site are clear and understandable making navigation easy.


This website provides information from a Canadian point of view regarding NAFTA. All the information is in-depth and elaborates however one of the many sources cited comes from an anarchist site known as stopftaa.com. Obviously, the information is against NAFTA and FTAA but the author of the website cites all his work making the information reliable. The links are easily understandable and easy to navigate through. I highly recommend this site anyone researching on the negatives of free trade. However, some of the information may be unreliable as it comes from anarchist sites.


This final website comes from an organization known as Global Trade Watch which deals with globalizations and free trade. It provides easy to understand, reliable information for different free trade agreements such as NAFTA. When the easy accessible links to the free trade agreement is entered, it provides subsections on what aspects of a nation the free trade affects. In addition to that, it provides in-depth information on the free trade agreements and keeps up-to-date news articles and alerts. Overall, the site is very understandable, easy to go through, and therefore is perfect for anyone working on this subject. I would highly recommend this site for the use of discovering what free trade agreements will do to a country.
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