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Free Trade
The Global Trade and Technology Network. This is a reliable website about the organization and how much they have done for the global community. They have been up and running since 1994, and have completed over 4,000 trades between technology companies worldwide. It is run by IBL, International Business Linkages, which is a company that provides technological solutions to problems at the workplace. This is a great example of a place that is looking to incorporate all countries technology and help improve them. I recommend this site for information specific to the technological field of global trade.
The United States International Trade Commission. A link off of this site is about anti-dumping policies that are set forth in the United States. This investigates cases for dumping of products in the global market over a five-year period. During their investigations, if they feel that a United States company is dumping, they will put an import tax on the item to help increase healthy competition in the global market. They also do international investigations and take it up with the WTO if they see dumping occurring from other countries. This is a very reliable source for information, however it is slanted because it gives all of the good things that the United States does case specific to the global market, and not the negatives that they create.
This site is about international commerce. It is a Canadian website that gives information about all free trade agreements made and in the works currently. It provides great links about the WTO and FTAA. This site also breaks down links about specific sectors of global trade and the amount each country contributes to the global market. This information is reliable and is well recommended for specific sectors of global trade as well as information about free trade agreements. All of the information is relevant and easy to navigate through.
This is the Sierra Club website. It deals with information regarding Global Trade and it’s affect on the wildlife around the world. All of the global trade in the world encourages expansion, and because people and businesses use the land improperly, they continue to build out instead of up. This leads to more problems of habitat loss and more pollution because there are more companies in countries that used to harbor many forms of wildlife. The information is credible and relevant, and provides good statistics for information regarding the environment.
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