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Here are my sites, there are some good ones, I hope everyone likes them

This site is dedicated to helping companies and developing countries interact wit the global market. The institution tries to find ways for trading to grow and develop between different countries so that the global trade market can expand. There are articles within the site that are current and are up to date with trading and investments going on within the global market. The way that everything is set up is very simple and easy to see where information can be attained. The headlines move up and down on the site so that all the main article titles can be seen by the viewer and under the bold titles is a one-sentence description of the article so that a reader will be able to see if they are interested in the article. The colors and decoration are very appealing, while everything is well organized and can be used to learn more about the global market and international business.

This site is a global trade watch where every globalization issue is looked at and described. The main aspect of the website is the descriptions of the World Trade Organization and all of the trade agreements made through out our recent history. Clear and easily accessed is the middle of the page is a globe with links to the descriptions of the agreements like NAFTA and the FTAA that we studied in class as well as CAFTA and AGOA that are all possible trade agreements that can be signed by countries. Even though the site is easy to use it is very biased and does not describe a clear view of these agreements because the site is against all of them. It would be wrong to listen to everything the site would have to say because of the biased opinion. I would not recommend this as a reliable source for accurate information but it would be a good site to look at if negatives of the agreements were to be studied like when we were researching for our debate.

This site is a global trade site and consists of numerous links to different trade agreements and treaties made through out the world and between different countries. There is a section of links to just treaties and there is a full description of each treaty or agreement when a viewer clicks on the link. Detailed information includes who is involved in the agreement, the amount of money available for trading and business as well as what organizations were formed from the agreement and what the purpose of it is. Another section of links includes world organizations and the links take a viewer right to the official sites of the organization so that a detailed description of purpose and uses can be described. I would recommend this site if anyone is looking for global organizations and their official websites. It is well organized and may not have as much decoration as other websites but is very useful.

This website is dedicated to making it easier for companies or individuals to learn how to export or import. Descriptions of why certain products sell better in other regions and how to assess your product to see where it would sell best is included in a link that is on the main page. The site is clearly for anyone that wants to learn about the procedures of trading that would involve either importing or exporting. These procedures are described on links on the front page and explain how certain licenses need to be obtained to be able to take part in exporting or importing. The site is simple but clear and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to learn more about the global trade procedures. It would not be a good site to learn about global market growth because it just explains how exporting and importing takes place, not how it grows and develops.

This site is a section of the IMF website that explains the importance of global trade and how it is a catalyst for growth in all countries. The links bring viewers to a description of what international trade has done for the world and countries and why liberalizing international trade is a positive for the world. It explains how all successful countries have had connections with their outside world and have had to trade and grow with other countries to increase their own economy. The IMF is a firm believe in lowering tariffs so that all countries can participate in global trade because it is obvious that this trade helps individual countries grow n prosper. I would recommend this site for anyone looking for the positives of global trade and anyone wondering why it is so helpful to countries.
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