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Women and Global Trade/ Poverty and Global Trade

"Are you telling me this is a sign? She's looking in my eyes, now I see no other guys. Are you telling me this is a sign?"- Signs

The following link discusses a person's views on how poverty can be reduced by global trade. The author believes that global trade can be helpful, but has to be restrained to a certain extent. She proposes 10 conditions that should be implemented with global trade that would work directly towards the end of poverty. One of the most important issues is how the agriculture sector will be affected by free trade. Agriculture jobs are often filled by people with basic skills. If countries send agriculture jobs to other areas, then there will immediately be a group of people in poverty. Another point that is made is with free trade, a government will lose profit due to no tariffs being in place. Often what happens is that budget cuts are made in social programs, which affect the poor. In many countries, tariffs account for 10%-20% of its national budget revenue, therefore countries have to look at an alternative as to where to cut costs.

At the end of this webpage, there are links to reference material about the FTAA and its impact on women. One of the complaints is that the free trade agreement does not specifically target women, who especially in Mexico are in poverty in large numbers (yea I know I used "in" three times in six words).

P.S. On a side note there is a very interesting article in TIME magazine on a proposed way to end poverty.
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